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Find out who’s who in Canadian Business each year; get the financial information you need; inform yourself about industrial companies and the corporate changes that have occurred over the years.

Financial Post Publications is the largest electronic resource of Canadian news and business information products, delivered via multiple formats. FP offers media monitoring and detailed financial and securities data on 4,000 Canadian public companies as well as directory information on 450,000+ Canadian companies.

The Directory of Directors, published each fall, lists the directorships and officers of Canadian professionals. Marketing and Research editions are tailored to suit your needs.

FP Survey has 3 components, all designed to aid in making informed business investment decisions. These include an overview of investment opportunities, containing investment information on more than 3,000 manufacturing and service companies, and 3,100 mining and energy companies in Canada, and Predecesser & Defunct information which is a comprehensive record of changes to Canadian public corporations over the last several decades.

FP Bonds lists Financial Post’s fixed income products including corporate bonds, government bonds, preferred and derivatives.

For 80 years, the Financial Post Data Group has been the premier source for corporate and financial information on publicly traded Canadian companies, offering a full-range of financial information products both online and in print.


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