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Improve your Sales and Marketing Acquisition Strategies. Introducing:

Customer & Market Analysis is the solution for your organization to gain important demographic and market information about your customers such as customer profile, market size & share, and hidden prospects.

We analyze your customers against our database of 1.1 million Canadian businesses, generating a report that gives you the following:

Know more about your customers:

After analysis, we'll provide you with an external profile of your customers - what your customers look like with firmographic descriptors including SIC code, number of employees and Sales volume.

Know more about your prospects:

We'll match your customer profile to our universe database to generate a highly quantified view of companies that "look just like your customers".

Know more about your market:

We'll provide you with a statistically accurate view of your customer base with market size and market share estimates to empower you in your marketing planning, forecasting and territory management efforts.

Additional features:

We can append our proprietary industry data to your customer records to complement your key internal customer metrics. Additionally, you can license a fully qualified prospect database, based on your customer profile, with confidence that you are buying only the data you need. Click here to download a Customer and Market Analysis information sheet.

Free sample report: To view an actual Customer & Market Analysis report based on real data, click here.

Customer & Market Analysis enriches your understanding of your customers and prospects, enabling you to become more strategic about your marketing and selling efforts.

For a free consultation and cost estimate, please contact us today at 1-844-990-6111 dial 0 or send us an e-mail by click here.

Click here to download a Customer and Market Analysis information sheet.
Click here to download a Customer and Market Analysis sample report.

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